Online Storage for Photographers

BackupBob can be used by anyone, and we’re constantly seeing new and innovative ways that people use our service to make their lives easier. However photographers are one group of people that especially benefit from our unlimited online storage, and BackupBob have some great features designed to meet their needs. In this post we want [...]

Top 4 ways to use cloud storage in your home

Our home computers tend to be filled with family pictures and home movies. This data can be priceless and isn’t something you would want to lose. Below we have included 4 ways cloud storage can help you securely store and share these important files;                        [...]

BackupBob Desktop 1.14.3 for Windows and Mac OS X

Today we are proud to introduce version 1.14.3 of our software for Windows and Mac OS X. The new version of our software includes several key security and usability features and some minor bug fixes.                                   Get Shareaholic