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BackupBob Desktop 1.14.3 for Windows and Mac OS X

Today we are proud to introduce version 1.14.3 of our software for Windows and Mac OS X. The new version of our software includes several key security and usability features and some minor bug fixes. Read More…

BackupBob Desktop 1.14.3 til Windows og Mac OS X

Seneste version (1.14.3) af vores backup software til Windows og Mac OS X er klar. Den nye version af vores software indeholder flere vigtige sikkerheds-og brugerfunktioner samt nogle mindre fejlrettelser.

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BobDrive 1.9.2 is released for Windows and Mac OS X

We have just released a new version of our desktop software for Windows and Mac OS X. The software includes small performance improvements and is now fully compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

What has changed?

Recently Apple released a new version of Mac OS X called Mountain Lion. There were several additions to the OS and a small amount of BackupBob customers experienced issues. We have reviewed the problems and have resolved them in the release of the latest version of our desktop software.

Version 1.9.2 also includes small performance improvements for the Mac OS X and Windows versions of the program, making your desktop experience even more seamless.

Will my software automatically update?

If you have the Desktop Software installed then you will be automatically prompted to upgrade to the latest version in the next few weeks.  To upgrade you just need to follow the on-screen instructions – it’s very easy to do and it will only takes a few minutes.

Note: You will have to upgrade your desktop software to 1.9.2 to continue using the program. If you experience any issues when upgrading please contact our support.

How can I get 1.9.2 now?

If you want to get the latest software sooner, you can download 1.9.2 by entering and clicking the login button on the home page. There is no need to uninstall the current version – simply install 1.9.2 and start accessing files stored in the cloud.

We welcome all customer feedback, please let us know your thoughts by commenting on this post or in our forum. If you have any issues, please contact our support department at

Why is backup really important?

Recent studies suggest that more than 14.7 million Americans and 2.8 million Brits lose data every year. Sometimes this is due to computer issues such as a broken hard drive or a virus, other times people simply delete the wrong file. These stats show how easy it is to lose cherished pictures from your home computer or important documents from your work PC and in most cases it is impossible to get them back. To stop you from losing your data we created BackupBob, which safely stores all your files in the cloud and allows you to download them onto any computer.

How does BackupBob work?

BackupBob automatically uploads content to the cloud while you work. The software mirrors your computer and makes an exact copy of your files online. If you modify a file on your desktop the software will automatically replace the old version in the cloud. If you delete an unneeded document, BackupBob will delete the file on the cloud. If you accidentally delete a file from your computer you can go to the cloud and restore it (this option is available up to 30 days after the file has been deleted).

How do I restore my files?

If your computer breaks you can place all your files onto a new computer. Our desktop program BackupBob Restore is available on Windows and Mac and can be downloaded for free here.

Simply install the program, select the files you want to place back on your computer and click the restore button. All of your important files will now be back on your device.

New version of the BackupBob Desktop Software for Windows and Mac available for download

We recently released a new version of the BackupBob Desktop Software (version 1.8) and it is available to download now. Along with a number of performance and stability improvements, this version also changes the way that we handle file conflicts.

What are file conflicts?
File conflicts are quite rare. They occur when you change a file or folder on two computers at the same time. They’re especially common if you work offline regularly – for example if you change, rename or move a file or folder on two computers while they’re both offline, then when they come online again there may be a conflict. The BackupBob service has a large amount of technology to detect and deal with file conflicts.

What has changed?
In versions before today’s release, we showed a notification when a file conflict was detected, and gave you a number of ways to resolve the conflict – for example to keep the latest version from the server, or to keep the latest version from the local machine, or to create a second copy of the document. These notifications were complicated and also interrupted you as you work. In the latest version of the software we now handle all conflicts automatically and silently in the background. Often we just choose to accept the latest change – for example if you move a document on two computers. For conflicts where file contents have changed, we now just duplicate the file – adding a new file with a name such as “Your Document (2).docx”. This means that you can always be sure that you’ve got every copy of every file, regardless of where and when it was changed.

What else has changed in this version?
This release also includes a number of minor bug fixes and performance improvements. You should find that both the Windows and Mac versions are faster than they were before. The new version also doesn’t need to restart your PC when you install the Windows version for the first time – making it even easier to install BackupBob on other computers.

How do I get the new version?
The newest version is available to download now. To install it, simply log in to your BackupBob account online and use the software download links. You can install the newest version directly over your existing version – there’s no need to uninstall your existing copy first.

We hope that you enjoy the latest version of the software. As always, we welcome your feedback.